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The CI2024 Vancouver Poster Exhibit Session will take place Thursday, July 11th from 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM in the VCC East Building Level C Hall B exhibit space. There will be over 250 posters on exhibit with poster authors available to discuss their research and findings. There will be no virtual poster exhibits.

Poster Exhibitors are to provide a printed poster for the Poster Exhibit Session of the CI2024 Vancouver program. Details including poster specifications and guidelines, as well as a limited number of poster printing local resources are outlined in the downloadable documents below.

Designated Student Poster Competition entries will be judged that afternoon and winners assigned ribbons. Be sure to visit the Exhibit hall Thursday afternoon to explore the posters, speak with authors, and explore our exhibitors in the hall as well.

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CI2024 Vancouver Poster Exhibit Session Entries

Poster entry listings are available by Poster Number, by Category (alpha), by Abstract Number, and by Author Last Name (alpha). Please see the linked titles below to see the poster exhibits planned for CI2024. NOTE: Poster Exhibit Numbers will be the poster identifier in the exhibit hall.

CI2024 Scientific Posters by Poster Exhibit Number

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CI2024 Scientific Posters by Category

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Poster Exhibition List

CategoryPoster Exhibit #TitlePresenterAbstract #
Audiology1Clinical perspectives in implementing imaging based measurements in electrode device selection and device fitting for Electroacoustic Stimulation Candidates.Kassandra-Anne Kaminskas17
Audiology2Comparison of Two Perimodiolar Electrode Arrays from a Singular Cochlear Implant Manufacturer.Sandra Porps23
Audiology3Successful Pathways to Cochlear Implantation Beginning to Current StateAlicia Stanley36
Audiology4Associations between cognition and speech understanding among adult cochlear implant candidatesPaul Mick44
Audiology5Vowel intelligibility in children with cochlear implants: An acoustic and articulatory studyChristine Turgeon59
Audiology6Improving clinical efficiency by reducing scheduled follow-ups and using Cochlear Americas' population mean mapping strategyRachel Hammond62
Audiology7Optimization of loudness perception during the measurement of electrically evoked compound action potential amplitude growth functionsLutz Gaertner64
Audiology8Vestibular monitoring protocol for complex pediatric cochlear implant populationDani Stern69
Audiology9Cochlear implant outcomes in medically complex children as measured by the Functional Listening Index-Paediatric(FLI-P)Dani Stern124
Audiology10Acceptance of Anatomy-Based Mapping in Post-Activation Cochlear Implant UsersAnna Louthan75
Audiology11Binaural Cue Sensitivity in Children and Adults with Precipitously Sloping High-frequency Hearing Loss *Linjie Shi88
Audiology12A Prospective Study to Evaluate Efficacy of SyNAPS Headwear in Supporting the Performance of Cochlear Implants in Pediatric PatientsJolie Fainberg101
Audiology13Cochlear Implant Programming in Over 600 Implants: Identification of Longitudinal Trends to Inform Programming Paradigms *Karl Khandalavala102
Audiology14Pre And Post-Operative Electrocochleography In Cochlear Implant Cases - A Study to Preserve Residual HearingRohith Mehrotra107
Audiology15Cognitive functions in cochlear implant usersPamara Chang Liao112
Audiology16Cochlear Implantation for Sensorineural Hearing Loss Associated with Mitochondrial Neurogastrointestinal Encephalomyopathy Syndrome (MNGIE)Shannon Walsh120
Audiology17Designing an Accessible Cochlear Implant Assessment Pathway for Adults with Complex NeedsAnne Marie van Rooyen131
Audiology18Using An App-based Data Collection Tool to Measure Impedances Remotely in Everyday LifeSarah Lively133
Audiology19Evaluation of cochlear implant candidacy in survivors of childhood cancerJohnnie Bass137
Audiology20Evaluation and Optimizing ESRT in Adult Cochlear Implant RecipientsSara Funatake140
Audiology21Environmental factors supporting language and communication of toddlers with cochlear implants: a pilot study on the role of acoustic characteristics and participation in online musical activitiesLetizia Guerzoni148
Audiology22Multi-case study of cochlear implantation in patients with a long-term deafened ear - does duration of deafness matter?Myron Huen164
Audiology23Change of speech perception ability and subjective satisfaction after upgrade of a new speech processor in cochlear implanteesJee Yeon Lee172
Audiology24The effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on the time for pediatric cochlear implant activationKeri Colio195
Audiology25Behavior of electrical impedances during the first year of cochlear implantation: chart review.Ruth López Gamboa196
Audiology26Electrical Auditory brainstem response in cochlear implantsTakwa Gabr200
Audiology27Cochlear Implant outcomes in adults affect by Single Side DeafnessSara Ghiselli212
Audiology28Neural entrainment of a naturalistic conversation in varying working memory loads *Priyanka Prince Yogarajah221
Audiology29Impedances from surgery to first fitting in pediatric cochlear implant users in a daily mannerMarina Vuljanic224
Audiology30Investigation of Programming and Verification Practices for Hearing Aids Used in Adult Cochlear Implant EvaluationsSara Misurelli233
Audiology31Does patient perception align with objective measurements throughout the first year of cochlear implant use?Sara Misurelli431
Audiology32Cochlear Implantation for Single-Sided Deafness: a Bibliometric AnalysisDaniel Zeitler243
Audiology33From hearing aids to CI: Use of a candidacy protocol for patients with residual hearingByanka Cagnacci250
Audiology34Using a Mixed Methods Approach to Investigate Patient-Reported Benefits of Cochlear Implant Listening Configurations *Jessica Lewis253
Audiology35Case study and discussion of physiological characteristics that alter programming and performance. Case study involves changes following the introduction of weight loss medication.Rebecca Lewis280
Audiology36Clinical Perspectives on Cochlear Implantation for Patients with Aplasia or Hypoplasia of the Auditory NerveAva Raynor286
Audiology37Outcomes with CI remote programming in ChileJaviera Herrada Andreoli295
Audiology38Clinical Results with the New Generation of Sound ProcessorsJaviera Herrada Andreoli296
Audiology39Intraoperative eSRTs: Feasibility of measurement and correlation with post-operative eSRTs *Andrina MacDonald297
Audiology40Where are they now? The programming characteristics of cochlear implants in 9-year-old children in the Longitudinal Outcomes of Children with Hearing Impairment(LOCHI) studyPaola Incerti307
Audiology41Investigating Time Constants for Optimizing Bimodal Hearing Aid FittingsMegan Quilter311
Audiology42Does cochlear implant effective in Side Deafness with long hearing deprivation?Erica Pizzol312
Audiology43Analysis of Music Training Used in the Rehabilitation of Children with Cochlear Implants: A Systematic Review *Paula Said321
Audiology44Predictive Value of Transimpedance Matrix Recording to Confirm Optimal Cochlear CI632 Modiolar Electrode PlacementEman Hajr324
Audiology45Auditory Brainstem Response Testing in Children with Speech and Language Pathology: A Non-Randomized Observational StudyAndro Košec326
Audiology46Hearing Aids or Cochlear Implants?: Comparing Communication and Hearing Outcomes in Children with Similar Audiometric ProfilesSara Neumann328
Audiology47Speech understanding in CI recipients correlated with genetic evaluationAnke Lesinski-Schiedat329
Audiology48The Association of Montreal Cognitive Assessment-Hearing Impaired Scores with Post-Cochlear Implantation Speech Understanding Outcomes *David Yeager338
Audiology49Pilot Study: Quantifying Longitudinal Changes in Speech Perception Performance in Adult CI Users with Experimental Processing StrategiesCaylin McCallick355
Audiology50Emotional Responses to Non-speech Sounds in Cochlear Implant UsersErin Picou357
Audiology51Bilateral Cochlear Implant Datalogging Device Utilization in Simultaneously vs Sequentially Implanted Children *Bridget MacDonald360
Audiology52Do Sound Processor Upgrades Affect Audiologic Outcomes For Cochlear Implant Patients? *Khaled Altartoor365
Audiology53Impact of a Novel Remote Programming Approach on CI Recipients and Audiologists in India: A multi-center studySmita Agrawal367
Audiology54Do the musical skills of cochlear implant users have an impact on their singing voice?Miryam Calvino371
Audiology55Auditory And Language Skills Of Children With Single-Sided Deafness And A Cochlear ImplantTine Arras374
Audiology56Evaluating Clinical Practice Guidelines for Cochlear Implantation *Pablo Llerena377
Audiology57Does Electric and Acoustic Stimulation Mismatch Predict Adoption of and Success with Electric-Acoustic Stimulation in CI Users with Preserved Low Frequency Hearing?Shannon Lefler380
Audiology58Highlighting and Eliminating Audiology Barriers to Cochlear Implantation for Children with Hearing LossJace Wolfe384
Audiology59Use of Cochlear Implants and Hearings Aids in Children with Autism Spectrum DisorderDebbie Hatch385
Audiology60Word Recognition Outcomes In Adults With Single Sided Cochlear ImplantationEmily Francisco387
Audiology61Pediatric Cochlear Implant Outcomes in Single Sided Deafness Population: What to Expect in the First YearDenise Thomas390
Audiology62Cochlear Implantation in Children with Down SyndromeDenise Thomas180
Audiology63Spatial Hearing Accuracy in Children with Cochlear Implants and Peers with Bilateral Bone Conduction Devices *Robel Alemu391
Audiology64Cross Impedance Measurements can Detect Extra Cochlear ElectrodesElizabeth McDonald395
Audiology65Clinical Consensus Document for Fitting Non-Surgical Transcutaneous Bone Conduction Hearing Devices to ChildrenLaurie Mauro404
Audiology66iTRAQ-based Identification and Functional Profiling of Target Proteins involved in Cochlear Implant TraumaAdrien Eshraghi405
Audiology67Clinical Utility of Electrically Evoked Stapedial Reflex Thresholds in Cochlear Implant Users with Single-Sided DeafnessMolly Smeal412
Audiology68Novel Programming Considerations For Patients Following Acoustic Neuroma Removal And Subsequent Cochlear ImplantationAlyssa Flippo413
Audiology69Quiet-to-noise shift: A speech perception metric for monitoring performance one year post-cochlear implantation.Alexandra Parbery-Clark415
Audiology70Factors influencing performance and device use in children with unilateral hearing loss who use a cochlear implantLisa Park417
Audiology71OTOPLAN: Improving Sound Quality in Early Stages of RehabilitationKatie Plum426
Audiology72Cochlear Implant for Pediatric Single Sided Deafness: One Institution's ExperienceMelanie Lutz434
Audiology73Evaluation of Direct Streaming versus External Audio on Music Enjoyment Among Cochlear Implant Recipients *Valora Wong435
Audiology74Implementing Pure Tone Audiometry Screening for Cochlear Implant Evaluation in the Community SettingSri Chennupati439
Audiology75Utilizing coping strategies to predict cochlear implant performance: Is denial a powerful drug? *Erin Harvey449
Audiology76Identification of Materials and Actions Generating Environmental Sounds Among Listeners with Hearing Loss and Cochlear Implants *Michael Harris451
Audiology77Cochlear Implantation in Children with Unilateral Hearing Loss: Outcomes and Potential Contributing VariablesKara Leyzac455
Audiology78When Music Means More Than SpeechMegan Bilodeau458
Audiology79Detecting extracochlear electrodes using Stimulation-Current-Induced Non-Stimulating Electrode Voltage Recordings for different surgical approachesMarina Salorio-Corbetto460
Audiology80Modification of the Child Cochlear Implant Profile-ChIP Scoring System to Account for Changing Cochlear Implant Criteria in the Pediatric PopulationDeborah Flynn467
Audiology81Qualifying Cochlear Implant Candidates New And Old - Does It Matter How Patients Are Qualified? *David Lee471
Audiology82Management of a Cochlear Implant User with Facial Nerve Stimulation and Dizziness While Eating: A Case StudyJordan Alyse Coffelt474
Audiology83Pediatric Single Sided Deafness Post COVID-19 Infection: A Case Study on Improved Hearing OutcomesSarah Klajbor478
Audiology84What are the Current Trends in and Timing of Bilateral Cochlear Implantation among Children, Adults, and Older Adults in the United States? *Mana Espahbodi477
Audiology85Co-treating: Improving Outcomes for Complex Pediatric Cochlear Implant PatientsBrittney Sprouse479
Audiology86A Unique Perspective: Intra-Patient Comparison of Perimodiolar and Lateral Wall Cochlear Implant Electrodes *Nicole Ewer480
Medical / Surgery87Cochlear Implantation in Charcot-Marie-Tooth Patients: Speech Perception and Quality of Life.Rodney C. Diaz20
Medical / Surgery89Electrocochleography amplitude patterns and daily impedance changes in patients undergoing cochlear implantation *Rance Fujiwara38
Medical / Surgery90Surgical Competency and Skills among Participants in Surgical Training Workshops: Impact in their Cochlear Implant Surgery ProficiencyJuan Armando Chiossone Kerdel42
Medical / Surgery91Machine Learning and Cochlear Implant Performance Outcome Predictions: A Systematic ReviewJonathan Mo45
Medical / Surgery92Postoperative Complications In Adult Implanted PatientsBretislav Gal78
Medical / Surgery93Usability of the intracochlear catheter INCAT, a feasibility studyTrung Le84
Medical / Surgery94Literature review of the impact of Magnetic Resonance Imaging on Cochlear implant Magnets *Kilee Bayne98
Medical / Surgery95Cochlear Reimplantation Following Device Dysfunction: A Retrospective Cohort StudyMélyssa Fortin103
Medical / Surgery96Difficult Situations In Cochlear ImplantationRohith Mehrotra106
Medical / Surgery97Outcomes of 1500 Cochlear Implants in the State of U.P. Under Govt. ProgramRohith Mehrotra108
Medical / Surgery98Prevalence Of Inner Ear Malformations In Children With Bilateral Profound Sensorineural Hearing LossRohith Mehrotra109
Medical / Surgery99Update on cochlear implantation in hearing loss following temporal bone fractureRalph Assily111
Medical / Surgery100Postural Stability, Balance Confidence, And Quality Of Life Improvements Post Cochlear ImplantationJennifer Ren138
Medical / Surgery101Is the MOCA a reliable preoperative predictor for speech perception in cochlear implant recipients?Jennifer Spiegel149
Medical / Surgery102Is the MOCA a reliable preoperative predictor for speech perception in cochlear implant recipients?Jennifer Spiegel273
Medical / Surgery103Audiometric Outcomes of Immediate versus Delayed Reimplantation in Cochlear Implant Explantation *Lisa Zhang150
Medical / Surgery104Guidelines for deciding between cochlear implantation and bone anchored devices for adults with significant hearing in one earClaire Iseli160
Medical / Surgery105Cochlear Implant Electrode Array Migration through the Internal Acoustic Meatus and into the Cerebellopontine Angle - an Unusual Cause of Disequilibrium *Simon Carr161
Medical / Surgery106Bilateral Vestibular Weakness in Cochlear Implant Candidates *Allison Reeder162
Medical / Surgery107Incidence of Electrode Contacts in the Functional Acoustic Hearing Region and Impact on Speech Recognition and Long-Term Hearing PreservationNicholas Thompson168
Medical / Surgery108Mitigation of droplet dispersion during Cochlear Implantation by use of a novel barrier drape in the post-pandemic eraWei Li Neo171
Medical / Surgery109Can the transimpedance matrix be used to detect extracochlear electrodes? * Andrea DeFreese175
Medical / Surgery110Cochlear Implant in Common Cavity- Case Presentation *Mohamed Shaker183
Medical / Surgery111The photon-counting detector CT enters the field of cochlear implantation - Precise investigation of perioperative cochlear analysis by a newly developed imaging techniqueTassilo Müller-Graff308
Medical / Surgery112Long Term Outcomes of a Fully Implantable Active Middle Ear ImplantJacqueline Bibee-Lerner201
Medical / Surgery113Round window packing technique affects electrode positioning in perimodiolar cochlear implants *Emily Wong203
Medical / Surgery114New insights into loss of residual hearing following CI with Cochlear's CI632 implant: simultaneous real-time intracochlear electrocochleography, fluoroscopy and surgical analysisStephen O'Leary209
Medical / Surgery115Changes of cochlear nerve by hearing loss and implication on performance of cochlear implantHong Ju Park215
Medical / Surgery116Estimation of desired outer wall lengths in different inner ear malformation types for selecting an appropriate cochlear implant electrode lengthAnandhan Dhanasingh223
Medical / Surgery117Initial Experience with the longest CI ElectrodeJoachim Mueller228
Medical / Surgery118Use of realtime electrode navigation technology with inner ear malformations.Cedric Pritchett262
Medical / Surgery119Review Of Surgical And Hearing Performance Follow-up Of Cochlear Implant System With Flexible Lateral Wall Electrodes In A Series Over 20 YearsGabriel Huguet Llull275
Medical / Surgery120Is electrode placement check equivalent to the transimpedance matrix in detecting electrode tip fold-over?Katelyn Berg283
Medical / Surgery121Unilateral Cochlear Nerve Deficiency with Measurable Auditory Responses: Audiological and Surgical ConsiderationsKathryn Tonkovich294
Medical / Surgery122Influence of a Guiding Mechanism on the Insertion Behaviour in Automated Cochlea Implant Electrode InsertionJakob Cramer309
Medical / Surgery123Cochlear Implantation: The use of OTOPLAN Reconstructed Images in Trajectory IdentificationEman Hajr316
Medical / Surgery124Early auditory development of cochlear implanted children with sensorineural hearing loss following congenital CMV infectionPiotr Skarzynski323
Medical / Surgery125Cochlear implantation in patients with mumps-related hearing lossPiotr Skarzynski331
Medical / Surgery126Cochlear implantation in patients with rubella-related hearing lossPiotr Skarzynski332
Medical / Surgery127Implantation of Two Generations of Bonebridge After Mastoid ObliterationPiotr Skarzynski335
Medical / Surgery128Early Confirmation of Hearing Loss is Important to Prevent Delay to Paediatric Cochlear ImplantationAlexander Treble336
Medical / Surgery129The safety and efficacy of simultaneous stage 2 microtia reconstruction and Osia® 2 implantation in children less than 12 years of age.Abby Meyer339
Medical / Surgery130Application of an Active middle ear Implant in Congenital Middle Ear Malformations: A Systematic ReviewVagner Silva350
Medical / Surgery131Cochlear Implant Data Logging in Single Sided Deafness *Amanda Bastien358
Medical / Surgery132Initial Experience with the Bonebridge Implant for Children Under 12 Years of AgeA. Morgan Selleck369
Medical / Surgery133Individualized Cochlear Implantation *Thomas Lenarz376
Medical / Surgery134When is Frail too Frail? Examining the Association between Frailty and Risk of Cochlear Implant Explantation *Diana Hallak414
Medical / Surgery135Bone Conduction Implants Conversion From Percutaneous To Transcutaneous Active Bone Conduction ImplantsMario Zernotti421
Medical / Surgery136Audiological Outcomes Plus Subjective Satisfaction Between Surgical Versus Non Surgical Bone Conduction Devices In Patients With Congenital Aural AtresiaMario Zernotti97
Medical / Surgery137Tonotopic-Based Intracochlear Electrocochleography Estimates Performance for Perimodiolar and Lateral Wall Arrays *Jordan Varghese428
Medical / Surgery138Is intracochlear trauma, cochleostomy and electrode array design influencing postoperative speech perception, tinnitus and vertigo? A prospective studyManuel Christoph Ketterer429
Medical / Surgery139The influence of cochlear morphology, scalar position and electrode array design on speech perception, residual hearing and hearing preservation following CI surgeryRainer Beck430
Medical / Surgery140Management of Cochlear Implant Electrodes Misplaced in the Internal Auditory Canal: A Systematic Review *Benjamin Johnson438
Medical / Surgery141Two-Tone Electrocochleography and Long-Term Post-Operative Hearing Preservation with Slim Modiolar Electrode ArraysAlexandra Arambula443
Medical / Surgery142From sounds to scenes: Environmental sound comprehension in cochlear implant usersMichael Harris447
Medical / Surgery143Cochlear Implant Outcomes Following Explantation of Active Middle Ear ImplantAlissa Knickerbocker448
Medical / Surgery144Hearing Benefits of Cochlear Implantation in Older Adults with Asymmetric Hearing LossHeather Smith452
Medical / Surgery145The role of robotic assistance in Cochlear Implantation *William Crohan456
Medical / Surgery146Safety and efficacy of the Cochlear™ Osia® 2 System in a pediatric population: multi-center results.Shawn Stevens462
Medical / Surgery147Initial Experience with the Plontke Technique in Cochlear Schwannoma Resection and Placement of Cochlear Implant: Use of a Novel Micro-EndoscopeRavi Samy463
Medical / Surgery148Hearing Outcomes Of Lateral Wall Vs Perimodiolar Electrodes Among Unilateral Cochlear Implant Recipients *David Lee473
(Re)habilitation / Comprehensive Health Services / Educational Aspects149Trends in Pediatric Cochlear Implant Social Media VideosDakota Sharp26
(Re)habilitation / Comprehensive Health Services / Educational Aspects150Preschool Language Scores Predict Language Scores in Children with a Hearing LossJennifer Woodard31
(Re)habilitation / Comprehensive Health Services / Educational Aspects151Young Adult Outcomes of Prelingually Deaf Children with Cochlear ImplantsWilliam Kronenberger60
(Re)habilitation / Comprehensive Health Services / Educational Aspects152Comparing Effect of Online Speech and Live Speech on the Speech Perception Skills of Children with Cochlear Implant *Hina Noor76
(Re)habilitation / Comprehensive Health Services / Educational Aspects153Parental Factors Contributing to Technology Wear Time: A Mixed Methods ApproachChelsea Anderson80
(Re)habilitation / Comprehensive Health Services / Educational Aspects154Use it or lose it! Measuring and addressing sub-optimal device use.Lani Swart91
(Re)habilitation / Comprehensive Health Services / Educational Aspects155Academic Performance And Communication Performance In Prelingually Deaf Children With Cochlear Implant In Mainstream SchoolRohit Mehrotra104
(Re)habilitation / Comprehensive Health Services / Educational Aspects156The Impact of Cognitive, Social-Emotional, and Physical Fatigue on Deaf and Hard of Hearing students: The Development of the Fatigue in Educational Contexts SurveyDenyse Hayward125
(Re)habilitation / Comprehensive Health Services / Educational Aspects157A New Protocol for Adult RehabilitationJolie Fainberg251
(Re)habilitation / Comprehensive Health Services / Educational Aspects158Effect of Auditory Training on Outcomes for Older Cochlear Implant UsersDiane Brewer151
(Re)habilitation / Comprehensive Health Services / Educational Aspects159Understanding the CI Ecosystem: Setting the Framework for the Future of the CI Journey Colleen Psarros154
(Re)habilitation / Comprehensive Health Services / Educational Aspects160Current Practices and Opinions on Auditory Training in Adult Cochlear Implant RecipientsJames Dornhoffer165
(Re)habilitation / Comprehensive Health Services / Educational Aspects161Increasing Cochlear Implant SNR in Public Places: Telecoils Open Doors for Quality of LifeWynne Whyman178
(Re)habilitation / Comprehensive Health Services / Educational Aspects162The Relationship Between Language Ability and Auditory Status on Emotion Recognition in Adolescents *Sarah Crow190
(Re)habilitation / Comprehensive Health Services / Educational Aspects163Telepractice for Pediatric Aural RehabilitationChristina Bloodworth193
(Re)habilitation / Comprehensive Health Services / Educational Aspects164National Perspectives on the Management of Hearing Loss in Patients with Limited English Proficiency *Kevin Wong198
(Re)habilitation / Comprehensive Health Services / Educational Aspects165Neuropsychological and Psychosocial Care Implementation (CI) for Adult and Older Adult Cochlear Implantation (CI) CandidacyJesus Barreto Abrams204
(Re)habilitation / Comprehensive Health Services / Educational Aspects166Interdisciplinary workflow in a public cochlear implant programSonia Mesquita220
(Re)habilitation / Comprehensive Health Services / Educational Aspects167Investigating speech-processing related fatigue in cochlear implant usersBenjamin Hornsby229
(Re)habilitation / Comprehensive Health Services / Educational Aspects168The Role of Aural (Re)habilitation in Prelingually Deafened Late Implanted Adult PatientsWei Li Neo230
(Re)habilitation / Comprehensive Health Services / Educational Aspects169It's No Treble! Why Music is Important for Early Development in Children with Hearing LossJacquelyn Briggs239
(Re)habilitation / Comprehensive Health Services / Educational Aspects170Remote Programming of Cochlear Implants During the COVID- 19 Pandemic Isra Aljazeeri246
(Re)habilitation / Comprehensive Health Services / Educational Aspects171Adults with Hearing Loss and Their Experiences with Auditory Training Apps following Cochlear ImplantationAlliete Alfano247
(Re)habilitation / Comprehensive Health Services / Educational Aspects172Telepractice strategies for supporting bilingual learners *Juliana Gebhardt256
(Re)habilitation / Comprehensive Health Services / Educational Aspects173Effects of Group Parent Intervention Program on Spoken Language Outcomes and Access to Auditory Rehabilitation for Children with Cochlear ImplantsCheryl Kraemer271
(Re)habilitation / Comprehensive Health Services / Educational Aspects174Bilinguals' speech perception of noise vocoded speechDeena Wechsler-Kashi274
(Re)habilitation / Comprehensive Health Services / Educational Aspects175Cochlear Implant Practices/Supports Around the World *Renae Cuevas Dias282
(Re)habilitation / Comprehensive Health Services / Educational Aspects176Pediatric Cochlear Implant Users Voice Quality of Life Outcomes: A Systematic Review and Meta Analysis *Corinne Pittman298
(Re)habilitation / Comprehensive Health Services / Educational Aspects177A game for technical ear training in cochlear implant rehabilitation *Per Anders Östblad322
(Re)habilitation / Comprehensive Health Services / Educational Aspects178Evidence of Theory of Mind in the Written Language of Deaf Students with Cochlear ImplantsConnie Mayer337
(Re)habilitation / Comprehensive Health Services / Educational Aspects179A randomized controlled trial evaluating the effects of audiovisual training on speech understanding *Ansley Kunnath348
(Re)habilitation / Comprehensive Health Services / Educational Aspects180Speech Perception and Health-Related Quality of Life for Cochlear Implant Users: A New Way of Looking at the AzBio and Glasgow Benefit InventoryChantel Hazlewood353
(Re)habilitation / Comprehensive Health Services / Educational Aspects181Associations between Personality Traits and Quality of Life, Usage, or Self-Reported Hearing Ability in Cochlear Implant Users: A Pilot StudyNicholas Stanley361
(Re)habilitation / Comprehensive Health Services / Educational Aspects182Value of Parent Involvement on the Cochlear Implant Team: Expanding the Multidisciplinary ApproachNathan Page370
(Re)habilitation / Comprehensive Health Services / Educational Aspects183Supporting Parents of Children with Residual Hearing with Successful Communication Between Cochlear Implant Surgery and ActivationAnn East378
(Re)habilitation / Comprehensive Health Services / Educational Aspects184Impact of Behavioral Health and Family/Environmental Factors on Cochlear Implant Outcomes in Children with Single-Sided DeafnessRachel Landsman381
(Re)habilitation / Comprehensive Health Services / Educational Aspects185A Comparison of Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy Services Provided to Children Who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing in a Listening and Spoken Language ProgramMonica Dorman388
(Re)habilitation / Comprehensive Health Services / Educational Aspects186The Teacher of the Deaf as Social Skills Coach: Facilitating Socioemotional Development in Children With Cochlear ImplantsDavid Spritzler389
(Re)habilitation / Comprehensive Health Services / Educational Aspects187Linking Listening, Language, and LiteracyUma Soman407
(Re)habilitation / Comprehensive Health Services / Educational Aspects188Do adolescents with cochlear implants report higher levels of depression than peers with typical hearing? *Skylynn Brown409
(Re)habilitation / Comprehensive Health Services / Educational Aspects189Collaborative cochlear implant cAReBlair Richlin410
(Re)habilitation / Comprehensive Health Services / Educational Aspects190Auditory Therapy Challenges in Cochlear Implant Recipients of Advanced AgeSarah Sydlowski 416
(Re)habilitation / Comprehensive Health Services / Educational Aspects191Effectiveness of Educational Program for School-based Professionals and Early Interventionists About Cochlear Implantation for Children with Single Sided DeafnessDenise Thomas419
(Re)habilitation / Comprehensive Health Services / Educational Aspects192Exploring the Impact of Home Language Exposure on Spanish Outcomes of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Spanish-English Bilingual Children Who Use Cochlear Implants *Sofia Hein Machado424
(Re)habilitation / Comprehensive Health Services / Educational Aspects193Outcome of Cochlear Implantation in Adults with Single Side DeafnessLuminita Radulescu440
(Re)habilitation / Comprehensive Health Services / Educational Aspects194Effectiveness of Cochlear Implant Support Groups on Patient Satisfaction and Device UseRavi Samy441
(Re)habilitation / Comprehensive Health Services / Educational Aspects195Evidence for Aural Rehabilitation for AdultsLindsay Zombek465
(Re)habilitation / Comprehensive Health Services / Educational Aspects196Assessment in Adult Aural RehabilitationLindsay Zombek472
Economics, Public Policy, and Practice Management197Understanding Global Barriers to Cochlear Implant UptakeJonathan Neukam19
Economics, Public Policy, and Practice Management198The Value Of Appropriate Documentation And Appeals In Overturning Denials Of CPT 92626-7 When Performed With Cochlear Implant ProgrammingKristen Caron49
Economics, Public Policy, and Practice Management199Utilization of Diagnostic Audiology and Cochlear Implantation in the United StatesKevin Zhan68
Economics, Public Policy, and Practice Management200Going Multi-Center: The Expansion of a Cochlear Implant Database *Russell Whitehead70
Economics, Public Policy, and Practice Management201Barriers to Cochlear Implantation for Northern Indigenous Patients in QuebecRebecca Vanderelst71
Economics, Public Policy, and Practice Management202Are County Health Rankings Correlated with Hearing Loss and Cochlear Implant Utilization? *Emaan Dawood73
Economics, Public Policy, and Practice Management203Development Of Model Of Workflow In Cochlear Implant In Government Program IndiaRohit Mehrotra105
Economics, Public Policy, and Practice Management204An investigation of the impact of expanding high deductible health plans on patient decision for cochlear implant surgery and postoperative outcomes *Robert Africa126
Economics, Public Policy, and Practice Management205Did the COVID-19 pandemic affect newborn hearing screening and cochlear implantation in Utah? *Albert Park152
Economics, Public Policy, and Practice Management206Socioeconomic Characteristics and Determinants of Pediatric Cochlear Implantation in Georgia *George Davies166
Economics, Public Policy, and Practice Management207From Newborn screening to Cochlear Implant: Prevalence in Latin AmericaByanka Cagnacci181
Economics, Public Policy, and Practice Management208Collaborative care model for the management of adults with severe-to-profound hearing loss: Improving awareness and access to CI services in VictoriaClaire Iseli211
Economics, Public Policy, and Practice Management209Long-term educational and occupational status after cochlear implant in prelingually deaf young childrenHong Ju Park217
Economics, Public Policy, and Practice Management210Referral of Patients with Hearing Loss to Hearing Centers: How to Improve Implantable Device AdaptationIsra Aljazeeri241
Economics, Public Policy, and Practice Management211Comparison of Access to Cochlear Implantation for Children with Congenital Hearing loss: Pre vs Post COVID-19Jordan McNair259
Economics, Public Policy, and Practice Management212Utilization of Genetic Testing in Pediatric Hearing Loss CareJennifer Coto265
Economics, Public Policy, and Practice Management213Introduction of a Spanish-Speaking Implantable Device Audiologist: Benefits to the Community and the ProgramRavi Samy289
Economics, Public Policy, and Practice Management214Establishment of the First Otology Surgical Training Fellowship in Africa: Combining in Person and Remote Learning Platforms to Train the Future of Otology in AfricaGregory Basura310
Economics, Public Policy, and Practice Management215Cochlear Implant Services Matter: Cochlear Implants in Deaf and Deafened Adults - A Global Consultation on Lifelong AftercareConnie Mayer314
Economics, Public Policy, and Practice Management216Catchment of Adult vs Pediatric Cochlear Implantation Patients in Northern California *Bridget MacDonald347
Economics, Public Policy, and Practice Management217External Validation of a Novel Machine Learning-Based Referral Guideline for Adult Cochlear Implantation *Ankita Patro351
Economics, Public Policy, and Practice Management218CI for CI: Continuous Improvement Empowers, Engages, and Unlocks Potential in Cochlear Implant ProgramsTina Marks359
Economics, Public Policy, and Practice Management219Coding Crackdown: Optimizing audiology CI care delivery requires optimized codesSarah Sydlowski362
Economics, Public Policy, and Practice Management220Physical Safety as a Consideration in Cochlear Implant ManagementSarah Warren433
Economics, Public Policy, and Practice Management221Successful Pathways to Cochlear Implantation: Beginning to Current State *Sri Chennupati436
Economics, Public Policy, and Practice Management222Insurance Coverage for Aural Rehabilitation for Adult Cochlear Implant RecipientsLindsay Zombek446
Economics, Public Policy, and Practice Management223Social determinants of health in candidates for cochlear implantation *Claudia Cabrera466
Economics, Public Policy, and Practice Management224Streamlining and enhancing the adult cochlear implant pre-operative modelSara Misurelli470
Economics, Public Policy, and Practice Management225The role of a CI Coordinator in patient outcomes, quality of care, and efficiencyRebecca Lewis482
Technology226Signal Preprocessing in Off-The-Ear and Behind-The-Ear Processors: Influence on Cochlear Implant Users' Hearing in NoiseAndreas Büchner95
Technology227The Impact of a CROS Device for Unilateral CI Recipients on Subjective and Objective Listening EffortSara Neumann182
Technology228Estimating Patient-Specific Patterns of Current Spread and Neural Health for Cochlear Implant Users Using Psychophysical Measurements *Xiaowei Xia210
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